SERC Department

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Ph.D.

SERC Affiliated Professor

Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Director of Applied Research Center (ARC)

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Dr Miralles's research expertise is in hydrologic modeling, with particular emphasis on simulation of physical, chemical and biological processes in aquatic environments. His research is funded by the National Science Foundation's Biocomplexity Program, the National Park Service, the US Geological Survey, the US Department of Agriculture and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Dr. Miralles's professional experience of over 10 years in the water resources field spans technical and management roles in projects involving remediation of environmental systems, wetland, stream, lake, soil and aquifer cleanup. He has conducted and/or directed water resources projects in the US (states of Florida, California and New York), Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Spain, Panama, El Salvador, the United Kingdom and Taiwan. Last year, as a result of his recent involvement in the restoration of wetlands in the middle east, Dr. Miralles offered a testimony before the US House of Representatives on The Southern Iraqi Marshlands: An Environmental Response to the United States House of Representatives, International Relations Committee, Dr. Miralles lives in Doral, FL with his wife Monica, and their daughters Andrea (9) and Adriana (7).